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 Jc's mod app.

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PostSubject: Jc's mod app.   Fri Aug 29, 2008 3:39 pm

Username : Jc_____________
Combat level : _______113 pure range _____
Estimated time play on server : ___3 days_____________
I am applying for : ____mod_______________________
I am applying for __mod___________ because : ___Your server looks fresh and new just what we need and it could use a few more players and get rid of a few autoers and spammers ___

here is some extra info on me dont read it if you dont want to.

Describe you're self, you're hobbys?
I am a kinda thoughtfull person who plays basketball and is currently on the track team

Why do you want to be a mod?
I want to be mod because this server is awsome and it gives me a good feeling every time I click that log in button.

Why should we make you mod?

You should make me mod because I am a leader, not the kind that destroy governments but the kind that all people like. I am a honest you can ask any 1 that knows me. I am a team player i know when to ask for help and what i can handle. I have server experience with making servers and running them. I am cool in hot situations. On my last 3 report cards I have gotta all A's. Alot of the admins know me and quite a few of the regualr players do also. I am online more than most admins and mods. I LOVE the server and I mean that truly. I have read the rules and understnad them. I help all people that ask of my help. I am funny and have a good additude. Well i think thats about it but if i think of any more ill add them in

Have you ever been a mod before on a different server?
Yes infact i have been co-owner and admin on 3 servers and know what it takes to make a server great.

If yes, what ones? -co owner -co owner -admin

Hey guys for all those who support me leave me some love Very Happy
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Jc's mod app.
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