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 Rules for Gameplay & Forums.

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PostSubject: Rules for Gameplay & Forums.   Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:04 pm

The rules are as stands :
1. NO swearing.**
2. NO massing.
3. NO racism or anything else offensive.
4. Respect ALL staff.
5. Idiotcentral is and idiot tongue.gif

*If i catch anyone breaking any of these rules, you can and will be banned.*

There is also a blackout board issued to all new members of FavreScape. Here is how it works :

All players are issued five(5) blackout spaces on their record. After one(1) space is used, you are on a one(1) day, no posting ban. When (2) spaces are filled, you receive a three(3) day, no posting ban. After three(3) spaces are filled, you receive a three(3) day, no posting and no login ban. (Note : If you log on with a different computer, I will know, and that will result in a level five(5),where all five(5) blackout spaces are used, bad.) When four(4) spaces are fill in, you will receive a five(5) day no posting, no login ban. Whe all five(5) blackout spaces are used up you will receive an irreversible permanet IP ban.

I will create a new board for each players blackout board.

**The NO Swearing Rule was revoked on the old forums for staff members. That still stands, ON THE SERVER. I'm working on finishing the language filter for the forums, other than that, the NO Swearing rule still stands for non-staff.
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Rules for Gameplay & Forums.
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